Beep Beep, It's road safety week! Make your own road safety scene!

Beep Beep, It's road safety week! Make your own road safety scene!

Introducing the perfect activity for tamariki for road safety week - creating their very own transport pallet! Using our road safety signs and road safety activity-build a scene downloads, tamariki can get creative and learn about important road safety rules at the same time.To start, gather the materials needed for the pallet, including a wooden pallet, such as fake grass, animals and other dramatic play toys. You don't need a pallet if you dont' have one (we just had one floating about) and use the floor or table top instead.

Download the packs and laminate as many pages as you need. We printed the road safety signs at 40% so they would fit on our wooden sticks that we used as poles.

The Road Safety Activity- Build a scene download comes with.

  • 2 pages of roads A3
  • 1 page of a town A3
  • 1 page in the country A3
  • 1 page is a pond A3
  • 1 page in your garden A3.

Then, introduce the road safety signs which are both in te reo and English and ask the children to identify them and explain their meaning as you cut them out. This is a great opportunity to discuss important safety rules, such as crossing the road safely.

The children can use the imagination play scenes and roads and play with their favourite toys and vehicles following the road safety rules they have just learned.

Encourage the children to decorate the pallet with the road safety signs and scenes, placing them in the appropriate spots to create their very own mini-roadway.

This activity not only encourages creativity and imaginative play, but also helps to teach tamariki important road safety rules in a fun and engaging way.  So get creating, and help our little ones learn about road safety while having fun!

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