Celebrate Diwali - Patakhe Art Activity

Celebrate Diwali - Patakhe Art Activity

Diwali (in Hindi), also known as Deepavali (in Tamil) is an ancient Hindu festival of lights. This colourful five-day festival coincides with the Hindu New Year, celebrating new beginnings. As part of the celebration, people place hundreds of small oil lamps or diyas, around their homes! This year Diwali starts on October 27th. There are many activities you can do with your little ones that relate to Diwali festival. 

Try creating some Patakhe art (Patakhe means firework) in your centre or home, little hands will love this messy play activity! And this is a super easy tabletop activity to set up. 

For this activity you will need:

  • Cardboard tubes recycled or card
  • Cellotape or staples
  • Scissors
  • Different coloured paint
  • Paper

How to make the brushes:

  1. Roll up some card and cut lines to the middle. Secure the edge with cellotape or staples.
  2. Cut the tubes into different lengths so you will be able to create a few different size fireworks.
  3. Prepare the paint in paper plates or whatever you can use that will fit your different sized cardboard tube paintbrushes.
  4. It’s best not to put the cardboard tube paintbrushes in the paint until your ready to do the activity as they can get soggy before you have even begun.

Other ideas:

  • Encourage the children to use the bounce and twist type motion.
  • Use the largest firework cardboard tube paintbrush first, then layer with smaller cardboard tube paintbrush.
  • Paint on darker coloured paper, like deep blue or black to imitate the night sky. 
  • Use a paintbrush and flick white paint on dark coloured paper, let it dry before you create your Patakhe art, this gives a starry sky effect.

Add the children's pictures to your Diwali wall display! 

Want more Diwali activities instantly download our Diwali Resource Download Kit.

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