Chinese Lunar NY - Year of the Dragon

Chinese Lunar NY - Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year 2024 is the Year of the Dragon! As we gear up for the celebrations on February 10th, let's explore the fascinating characteristics of the Dragon. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this year is all about the majestic Dragon taking centre stage.

The Dragon is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and it brings a powerful and auspicious energy to the festivities. If you are born in the Year of the Dragon, you're likely to embody traits such as confidence, ambition, and a charismatic spirit. Dragons are known for their strong presence and positive outlook on life.

Similar to the Spring Festival's rat-filled celebrations, Chinese New Year is a time for families to unite, indulge in delectable traditional dishes, and exchange wishes for good luck, wealth, and happiness. It's not just a date on the calendar; it's a cultural event filled with rich traditions.

For kaiako and whānau looking to incorporate the magic of the Year of the Dragon into their daily practices, look no further. Our Chinese New Year 2024 download kit is your go-to resource, providing ideas, information, activities, images, and facts to seamlessly integrate this cultural celebration into your centre or home.

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So, whether you're a kaiako, or parent, let's embrace the spirit of the Dragon this Chinese New Year. Make it a time of learning, celebration, and joy, as we usher in the Year of the Dragon with positivity and enthusiasm! 🐉✨


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