Stacking Stones

Stacking Stones

Stacking Stones:

Tamariki will eventually learn through trial and error that they must begin with a strong foundation. They will also learn about gravity and how to build using the power of learning through play.

Stacking stones requires tamariki to defy gravity and develop their engineering skills to create balanced stone sculptures.

Balancing rocks on top of each other also helps children develop hand-eye coordination. It takes a steady hand to be able to stack stones higher and higher!

Tracing Stones:

When you add tracing to tamariki drawing time, it helps refine those pre-writing skills, laying a strong foundation for drawing and emerging writing. Tracing helps to refine their pre-writing skills, and builds the foundation for drawing and writing letters and words.

Ephemeral Art:

Ephemeral art is a work of art that only lasts for a short amount of time, perhaps occurs once, and cannot be embodied in any lasting object. It can be a sculpture, performance art or a temporary design such as a mandala, usually made with natural resources.


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