Ururangi and Manu tukutuku

Ururangi and Manu tukutuku

Ururangi is one of the nine stars in the group of stars called Matariki. Ururangi is really important because it tells us about the wind and where it's going. It's the highest star in the Matariki group!

In Māori pūrākau, the wind is controlled by an important atua called Tāwhirimātea. Sometimes, the wind can be really strong and cause a lot of damage. But, the wind can also be gentle and helpful.

Ururangi is special because it helps us understand the wind better, but we have to remember to respect it and take care of our environment. 

Creating a manu tukutuku with tamariki is a fun and engaging activity that helps them learn about Māori culture and traditions. The manu tukutuku, or Māori kite, is a fun zactivity to do for Matariki celebrations.

Tamariki can help cut and decorate the paper for the kite and watch as it takes shape. As they work together, they can learn about the different colours and patterns used in Māori art and gain a deeper understanding of the connection between the kites and the stars.

To extend their learning, tamariki can explore the importance of wind and weather in Aotearoa with the information poster and colouring page of Ururangi. Many topics related to wind can be discussed with tamariki, such as the different types of winds, their effects on the environment, and how wind affects daily life.

Ururangi's significance in Matariki provides a great opportunity to teach tamariki about the importance of respecting and protecting our environment. By exploring the role of wind in our lives and the impact of climate change, tamariki can gain a deeper understanding of their connection to the natural world and become more motivated to take action for a sustainable future.

In conclusion, incorporating Ururangi into activities like manu tukutuku-making and wind-related discussions can help tamariki to learn about Māori culture and traditions while also gaining valuable knowledge about the environment.

By fostering curiosity and respect for our cultural and natural heritage, tamariki can grow into responsible and engaged members of society.

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